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An important part of Canus Corporation's mission is to develop attractive, efficient public facilities cost effectively. The key to our success in developing these projects on-time and on-budget is our use of private-sector business practices.


When awarded public facility projects, we treat them as though they involve the profit motive and accountability inherent in private projects. Each project is evaluated individually with the focus on streamlining and expediting processes wherever possible, while maintaining the highest standards consistent with public goals.


At Canus, our public facility projects are accountable to the most demanding audience — the taxpayers. Our interest in serving the public with successful projects is more than a business at Canus. It's a commitment.


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Lehigh Park Preschool and Early Childhood Center

Lehigh Park Preschool & Early Childhood Center
Philadelphia, PA
Conversion of Hospital Facility into 55,000 square foot School Complex





Greenfield Commons