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Brownfields development is poised to experience tremendous growth for several reasons. Undeveloped land available close to urban areas that can support affordable projects is becoming exceptionally scarce. Recognizing current patterns of development, many states and cities have begun to pass legislation designed to make brownfields more attractive to developers.

Canus Corporation and Brownfields Development

Canus is well positioned to rapidly expand into this emerging market. Over its twenty-three year history, Canus has established a solid reputation for:

  • successfully completing large, complex redevelopment projects which further community revitalization undertaking projects with extensive pre-development efforts and planning
  • acquiring public funds and utilizing a mix of financing vehicles
  • completing development projects in a timely and financially prudent manner.

This expertise is as critical to the brownfields market as it is to the development projects already completed by Canus.


Canus is focusing acquisition efforts in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey These states have many attractive brownfield sites and a large urban population with ready access to such sites. Furthermore, “greenfield” development in the suburbs and exurbs of these states is becoming increasingly more difficult because of smart growth concerns and the expense of constructing new infrastructure. Finally, each state has well developed government brownfield programs including offices that coordinate inter-agency activities together with voluntary clean-up programs and liability protection, critical to brownfield development.


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The Viridian, South Kensington, Pennsylvania

The Viridian
South Kensington, PA
163 unit environmentally advanced building


Greenfield Commons, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Greenfield Commons
Philadelphia, PA
53 senior affordable apartments and 31 homeowner townhouses.

Project was awarded the 2009 Revitalization Award from Lower Marion Township: “In recognition of the successful transformation of a blighted underutilized property into a vibrant inter-generational mixed income residential community”


Greenfield Commons