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Building viable communities. Reviving decaying neighborhoods. It takes dedication, knowledge of financing options, and vast experience with urban planning issues to make low income housing livable, affordable and attractive. At Canus Corporation we're proud of the impact our low income housing has had on neighborhoods, and how this housing has increased the livability of the city at large.


We find these projects particularly rewarding because our efforts have helped stabilize deteriorated, valuable neighborhood assets long neglected. Low income families now have access to decent, safe housing. Shopping districts have been revived, stimulating the local economy. What's made all of this possible? The majority of Canus Corporation's projects have been models of public/private financing partnerships utilizing subsidized loans through the UDAG, HOMES, DCA, and CDBG programs.


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Lehigh Park Apartments

Lehigh Park Apartments
Philadelphia, PA
Conversion of hospital facility into 77 affordable apartments.


Ogantz, Historically certified office and retail complex

Philadelphia, PA
Historically certified office and retail complex


Carl Marcklay Apartments

Carl Macklay Apartments
Philadelphia, PA
184 units in the Juniata section of Philadelphia.


Queens Row Apartments

Queen's Row Apartments
Philadelphia, PA
29 units affordable rental housing.


Greenfield Commons