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Company Background

Recognizing opportunities. Creating results.

These are the goals of Canus Corporation. In urban real estate, where so much depends on a developer’s talent, experience, and knowledge, it makes sense to trust a firm with a track record of proven success.


Since 1982 Philadelphia’s leaders have looked to Canus Corporation for intelligent solutions to urban development problems. From the restoration of historic buildings…to neighborhood stabilization projects… to the creation of low and moderate income housing, education and social service facilities…Canus has emerged as the creative development specialist that delivers complex projects on time and on budget.


Design sensibility and business savvy foster success.

Developers today are often quick with “good” ideas, particularly when working with other people’s money. However at Canus Corporation we have a vested interest in making ideas profitable. Canus always maintains a direct stake in the projects we work on, often with an equity position or through performance-based incentives.

The Canus Corporation team consists of innovators who possess all the elements for success in real estate: training in architecture, design and city planning; expertise in the preparation and documentation of financing packages; knowledge of governmental regulations and community values; hands-on contracting experience; and the contacts and resources that keep multifaceted projects moving.


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